This page is all about the Namek race on DBE:

A race of powerful warriors and healers that hail from the distant
Planet Namek. They are best known for their strange green bodies and antenna protruding from their foreheads. Nameks are able to stretch their arms to attack enemies from far away. Nameks are able to regenerate severed limbs, and thus heal at an increased rate. When a Namek is able to recover the ancient knowledge of their brethren, the most powerful ones rise above all others to become known as Super Nameks. In this form they possess enhanced power, such as super hearing and nearly unmatchable physical strength.

Skills: (type help and the skill name ingame for more information)

Beam : Chaos Bomb : Elbow : Esuna : Eye Laser : Form Gi : Fortify Skin : Heal : Hydrate : Kakusandan : Kikouha : Kishot : Knee : Kyodaika : Light Grenade : Mass Heal : Perception : Potential Release : Powersense : Regenerate : Renzoukou Energy Dan : Roundhouse : Scan : Hellzone Grenade : Sense : Shogekiha : Special Beam Cannon : Sweep : Swiftness : Tsuihidan : Uppercut : Venom Vision : Zanzoken

All Races: Primal Fury, Protect, Solar Kamehameha(learned by fighting Beyond Perfect Cell), Kaioken(learned by fighting King Kai)