Where are the newbie zones?

Frequently Asked Question:

The newbie zones located on each planet are the areas in which new players can level, the spawn rate is good and it is easy exp for beginners... Not to mention good battle experience!

All Directions for the newbie zones are based from the planets recall room: (u stands for up, w for west, n for north, s for south, e for east, and d for down)

Half-Breed, Human, Android, Changeling, Bio-Android:
Ruined Plains: 2s d 3s 9w 10s 8w

Saiyan, Truffle, Saiba:
Saiyan Training Grounds: 6n

Icer, Mutant:
Icer Slave Yards: s 3w 14n

Kaio, Kanassan:
Tower of Self-Sacrifice: d 8e 3n e n e 3n 5e 2n

Stealth Forest: w s 8w

Cotton Candy Land: 4n

Ocean of Fire: d 2e 5s w s 2w 2s 2w 2s

Moai's Coliseum: 2s 3w 3n e d 2e

Namek Hatchery: s e 2n 5e n