This page is all about the Konatsu race on DBE:

Konatsu are an agile race that comes from the planet Konack. They
resemble elves with mohawks. Their power and skill with a sword is unmatched. They are the only race that can imbue power into a sword and turn invisible. In other words, they are much like a ninja in DBZ.

Skills: (type help and the skill name ingame for more information)

Barrier : Beam : Blade Morph : Chaos Bomb : Dragon Assualt Slash : Elbow : Form Sword : Healing Song : Infravision : Invisibility : Kakusandan : Kikouha : Kishot : Knee : Moon Dance Slash : Perception : Potential Release : Powersense : Renzoukou Energy Dan : Roundhouse : Rune Fire Slash : Scan : Sense : Shogekiha : Sweep : Swiftness : Tranquil Song : Tsuihidan : Uppercut : Zanzoken

All Races: Primal Fury, Protect, Solar Kamehameha(learned by fighting Beyond Perfect Cell), Kaioken(learned by fighting King Kai)