This page is all about the Mutant race on DBE:

Mutants have many appearances and qualities unique to them.
Mutating their skin to become stronger is but a part of their power, they also
have a technique called eraser cannon, a charged beam of ki they release from their mouths, and crusher ball, an intense magnified ball of ki. Both are
devastating attacks, coupled with their ability to mutate into much stronger
forms when they have gained enough strength, mutants can be a force of great skill.

Skills: (type help and the skill name ingame for more information)

Beam : Chaos Bomb : Corrosive Claw : Crusher Ball : Devour : Elbow : Energy Flare : Eraser Cannon : Eye Laser : Fortify Skin : Galactic Buster : Glacial Freeze : Group Infusion : Hasshuken : Infravision : Kakusandan : Kikouha : Kishot : Knee : Perception : Poison : Potential Release : Renzoukou Energy Dan : Roundhouse : Scan : Self Destruct : Sense : Shogekiha : Sweep : Tsuihidan : Uppercut : Venom Vision : Zanzoken

All Races: Primal Fury, Protect, Solar Kamehameha(learned by fighting Beyond Perfect Cell), Kaioken(learned by fighting King Kai)