This page is dedicated to the people who made evolution and MUD's happen in the first place:

Dragon Ball Evolution is Based on CircleMUD 3.0, Created by Jeremy Elson.
Also A Derivative of DikuMUD(GAMMA 0.0) Created by Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, KatjaNyboe, Tom Madsen Michael Seifert, and Sebastian Hammer.

CircleMUD 3.0 was developed from DikuMUD (Gamma 0.0) by Jeremy "Ras" Elson at Johns Hopkins University's Department of Computer Science. All code unique to CircleMUD is protected under a copyright by the Trustees of the Johns Hopkins University. 
CircleMUD is freeware and can be downloaded via anonymous FTP from or in pub/CircleMUD. Its author can be contacted at

DBX was created by Kastion and his team of immortals. It was originally started with Circlemud 3.0 and worked on until Kastion decided to release the source to the public. Thanks to Kastion for coding it all in and thanks to his staff of builders for making the original stock zones. Without DBX, this MUD would never exist or even be thought of.

Who he is: Creator of the DBX codebase
Real Name: Luke LeClair
Location: Canada
Email: Unknown
Misc. Info: He is known as DJ Kastion

Credit goes out to Kastion for the code.
Credit goes out to Rebel, Sheer, Frost and the other names I forgot for the stock zones.