This page is all about the Half-Breed race on DBE:

Half-Breeds are not just a simple mix of any two races. They are,
more specifically, half Human and half Saiyan. Half-Breeds, for the
most part, live on Earth. Like Saiyans, they are born with a tail.
Also, like their Saiyan parents, they have the ability to become a
Super Saiyan. They also have the ability to transform into an Oozaru
at the sight of a full moon as long as they still have their tail.
Rumor has it that Half-Breeds are unable to reach up to the higher
levels of Super Saiyan, though the fact that they are half Human as
well helps calm themselves and focus on a Mystic inner power.

Skills: (type help and the skill name ingame for more information)

Barrier : Beam : Burning Attack : Chaos Bomb : Chou Kamehameha : Elbow : Energy Flare : Finish Buster : Group Infusion : Hasshuken : Kaioken : Kakusandan : Kamehameha : Kikouha : Kishot : Knee : Kyodaika : Masenko : Perception : Potential Release : Powersense : Renzoukou Energy Dan : Roundhouse : Scan : Sense : Shogekiha : Sweep : Tsuihidan : Uppercut : Zanzoken

All Races: Primal Fury, Protect, Solar Kamehameha(learned by fighting Beyond Perfect Cell), Kaioken(learned by fighting King Kai)