This page is all about the Android race on DBE:

Androids are modified robotic look-a-like human warriors created by Dr.
Gero. These droids were created for pure destruction and programmed to destroy anyone who resisted. All Androids have a self-destruct mechanism added inside them in case they disobeyed Dr. Gero's commands. The androids have learned of this and are able to use this mechanism in case they are near defeat. The Androids are also equipped to absorb energy from their victims, which in turn gives the Android a boost of power.

Skills: (type help and the skill name ingame for more information)

Absorb : Barrier : Beam : Chaos Bomb : Deadly Bomber : Destructo Disk : Elbow : Energy Flare : Eye Laser : Flash Bomber : Hells Flash : Infravision : Kakusandan : Kikouha : Kishot : Knee : Perception : Potential Release : Renzoukou Energy Dan : Repair : Rocket Punch : Roundhouse : Scan : Self Destruct : Sense : Shogekiha : Sweep : Swiftness : Tsuihidan : Uppercut : Zanzoken

All Races: Primal Fury, Protect, Solar Kamehameha(learned by fighting Beyond Perfect Cell), Kaioken(learned by fighting King Kai)