This page is all about the Senkakusha planet on DBE:

This is the home of the ancient kaios. Senkakusha is an old planet with three cities on it but only two are still populated. In the center of the cities is Aurel City where most of the politics take place. To the south is Vanaheim City, mainly a tourist attraction with a few dark secrets. Far to the north Auroris which is left in ruins from a massive war in the past. Even farther north is the dreaded Castle Darkblaze that is surrounded by an ocean of blood. Areas of interest are Mystic Star Castle, Elstar Temple, Blight Forest, Shin Field and Saints Grove.

Directions starting from the Aurel: Hotel Lobby

Senkakusha Space Station: Transport Pad: 1d, 12w, 6s
Supply Room: 1d, 5s, 1w
Kaio Armory: 1d, 5e, 1n
Tower of Self-Sacrifice: Entrance: 1d , 8e, 3n, 1e, 1n, 1e, 3n, 5e, 1n
Shin Field: 1d, 10w
Enlightment Forest: 1d, 14w, 1s, 4w
Field of Temptation: 1d, 14w, 1s, 7w
Red Dragon Arena: Ticket Office: 1d, 7w, 1s
Saints Grove: 1d, 8e, 11s
Ashen Bog: 1d, 8e, 16s
Senkakusha Freelance Guild: d, 8e, 3n, 1e, 1n, 1e, 8n, e