Here you will find all the roleplay information you need:

Rules for Roleplaying:

1. Use your current Powerlevel/Ki in the RP.
2. Use your last earned transformation in the RP - (You must Rp transforming - you don't just have a transformation).
3. Use your current items in the RP - unless otherwise stated in another file. - (Ex:Help Senzu)
4. No auto hits.
5. If you die in a RP you will be RPing in the Afterlife or Hell until someone uses the dragonballs to wish you back.
6. Read the RP board to get current information on any RP events and make sure to use the current zones in the MUD when RPing.
7. Don't jump in any RP, make sure the others know you are going to RP with them and don't mess up a good RP just because you
are bored. Keep it somewhat realistic.
8. Don't bring any other channel into Rp. - OOC, Tells, and other public/private channels cannot be used in Rp.

While ingame type help and one of these below to bring up more information about that subject.

Rp Battle Files:
Submission, 2submission

Pl Files:
Absorb, 2Absorb, 3Absorb, 4Absorb, and Ingest

Ki Files:
2charge, Chart
Skills, 2skills, 3skills

Misc Files:
Ship, 2ship, 3ship, 4ship, 5ship

Dragonball/Rp Item Files:
Earned, RpItems, 2RpItems, 3Rpitem
Rpdragonball, Wishe, Wishn, Wishb
Senzu, Sacred Senzu

Important Files:
2roleplay, Rplogs, Rpname, Request, Rebuild,
Launching, Stealing, Summon, NPC, Breathing, 3race

Yemmaslist, Revival

See Also: Race, Name