This page is all about the Konack planet on DBE:

This is the home to the stealthy konatsus. Konack is a medievil like planet that is covered in forests, lakes, fields and mountains. Krait City has the biggest market place on the planet and is home of Konack Castle the largest castle in the land. Ancient temples and forgotten caves can be found through this mystical planet. Small villages are scattered around the planet seperated by mountains and forests. It is rumored that an eternal resting place for losts souls can be found here. Areas of interest are Stagma Cave, Krai Mountain, Urgoth Jungle, Stealth Forest and Shadow Hills.

Directions starting from the White Dragon Inn: Lobby

Konack Space Station: Transport Pad: 1w, 4n, 1e, 3n, 1u
Stealth Blade Armory: 1w, 1s, 1w, 1s
Restock Shop: 1w, 1s, 1e, 1n
Dark Blade Shop : 1w, 1s, 2e, 1n
Stealth Forest: Trail : 1w, 1s, 8w
Stealth Village: Entrance: 1w, 1s, 20w, 2s, 3w, 2s, 2w
Konack Castle: Drawbridge: 1w, 1s, 10e, 1n
Stagma Mountains: 1w, 1s, 6e, 4n
Smoke Mountain: 1w, 1s, 6e, 2n, 2e, 1d, 4e
Graceful Lake: 1w, 1s, 7e, 2s, 1e, 1s, 4e, 3n
Urgoth Jungle: 1w, 2s, 3w, 4s, 1w, 11s, 1e, 1s, 1e, 2s
Konack Freelance Guild: 1w, 2s, 3w, 4s, 2e, 1s