Here you will find information about the background of this MUD:

The first age:

Within the First Age time itself was not even created, not even the universe existed just the entity we now call Ozma, The One. Ozma bored of the plane itself having nothing, so he decided to create races themselves modeled after another dimension. Except he evolved his worlds, and created several entities of extreme power to help manage them. First he created Jugogou to alter reality itself for him, and aid him in creating a universe perfect for his enjoyment. He created Chubs, his own little jester, Sevyn a creator of worlds to keep more races in stock for entertainment, Sephiroth was created to express his evil ways, and though each was designed for there own individual purposes, each was like Sevyn to keep adding to the Universe about them. When this was done, so ended the First Age.

The second age:

The Second age begun with primative races, each one isolated across the universe itself, all of the races now were created, each one blessed with individual traits, during this time each of the races evolved dramatically. Few at the end of the second age were devolping technology, basic technology that would lead them to space travel.

The third age:

The Third Age started in the year 250. Much of the universe, itself had advanced to space travel by now, and now alliances were being formed, one such as the Eclipse Empire formed by Version Ree was created. Earth itself had numerous fighters growing in power and now it seems that Earth will become the capital of the universe for it's diversity, and easy reach.

The fourth age:

The fourth age was a powerful one, now fighters were growing in extreme power. Several were Chiko, Vegeta, Toalin, Buu, Shin, and other great warriors, but one ascended to far greater power when discovering the asteroid Crosis. Within it was a legendary Tree, called the Tree of Alios. The tree of Alios is said to grant any mortal u nlimited power, at the cost of being bound to certain rules why in the form of it. Unlike the tree of Krosian which has powerful healing effects, the Tree of Alios fades for 1000 years after it is used. Several organazations have been formed during this time as well such as The Toshin Fighters, The Mercenaries, The Z Fighters, The Ginyu Force, and The Elites.

The fifth age:

This age was the rediscovering of the ancient ways. New planets were found and unexplored areas were reopened again. With these new discoveries, new races were found. Races such as Kanassans, Saibas, and Mutants were brought to the main population. In this age new warriors came forth to exceed their limits. Thelgaar was the second mortal to get power of the Tree of Alios, with this power he created the Defenders of Order clan. Scintar the unleashed found out his inner power and used it to its fullest. Vegeta the prince of the saiyans proved he was worthy as he took lead over all the saiyans as the most powerful saiyan ever. Then there was Borgin the only true mystic. His extreme power exceed any mortal limits, it is said he is the most powerful being in the universe. Within in era new clans came around such as the Z-Fighters, Fearless Crew, Shadows of Chaos and the Guardians.

The sixth age:

The sixth age was also known as the Razma Saga. This is when Razma escaped the void within the Dead Zone and started his destruction on the universe. Razma is the only true brother of Ozma and he was locked away in the void for plotting against Ozma when the universe was being created. The universe was slowly being destroyed planet by planet. Razma even took all the power of the Alios Tree and destroyed it soon after, leaving everyone in the universe without any power to gain. After this Razma started to make clones of the past villians and sent them to the remaining planets to kill even more people. This is when Ozma finally decided to get involved, he searched for the strongest warriors in the universe.

The seventh age:

The battle lasted hours upon hours and it showed the true powers of those heros. Ozma's lightning sword skills, Borgin's massive warhammer, Razn's protection, Scintar's dark scythe, Chubs' healing powers and Grubby's will to live finally took its toll on Razma. Out of fear for his life, Razma grabbed Chubs and made Ozma decide between killing his friend or saving the universe. Chubs gave up his life to save everyone when Ozma unleashed the power of his Eternal Dragon Slash. The power from the slash was so great, it even killed Ozma too. Soon after a huge shockwave was sent from Razma's body that eventually destroyed the entire universe. All the warriors were granted a special heaven just for them as Ozma was reborn and started to rebuild the universe. The 7th age was a time flooded by pure hatred and darkness. The smell of death lingered throughout the universe as many battles between the forces of good and evil were fought in various areas, as well as landmarks destroyed. Mass slaughters were a constant. This time is known as the darkest age. The mutant Nemesis came forth and brought upon a plague which infected the entire township of Evolution City. The infection caused zombies to arise from the grave and even turned people into the walking dead themselves. Three members of Special Forces, Tora, Fade and Xquizit destroyed the city to put an end to the madness, but that was only the beginning. The Ancient Eclipse Empire and Z-Fighters teamed up to take down Nemesis in a famous battle at Grand Park on Earth, but it was to no avail. Shin, Piccolo, Shinova and the rest of AEE turned on ZF and destroyed them completely, leaving Nemesis still alive to this day. Among Grubby, Tora, Fade and Hektik, only Hektik was the one to survive and escape with his life. AEE did not stop there. Piccolo destroyed Korins Tower, along with the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and slain the bean-giving kitten. Shin's attack were more devastating. Both were massive genki damas. One fired at Earth from the moon, the other obliterating the southern portion of Namek. Not long after that, the mass-genocide began. Krono, the known guardian of Konack, Avino, another Z-Fighter and Mahabharata, the second most powerful warrior in the universe, were sent to the afterlife by Shinovas hands and scythe. The Z-Fighters suffered mass casualties during this age. Grubby eventually left the clan, leaving Mac and Emerai in charge. It was not long before they were killed by a konatsu assassin by the name of Rajin who deceived both warriors. Rajins life would not last long. As he attempted to flee the scene of his crime, he was taken down with ease by the likes of Alaro, Hektik and Fade as they avenged their two fallen friends. ZF suffered much during this time, but there were small victories in the midst of the death and chaos. The Z-Fighters also had to deal with attacks from FC under Foxx's leadership. A huge battle took place and the Fearless leader eventually fell to his doom. Before their deaths, Mac and Emerai lead a successful campaign in which they, along with other ZF members, collected both sets of the Earth and Namek Dragonballs, using them to wish back the three fallen fighters of the AEE/ZF battle as well as restore Earth. That restoration would not last. However, once peace came again, the people of Earth rebuilt the majority of the cities. Before that, an afterlife tournament was held by the God Chubs, and he ended up bestowing new life upon both Grubby and Mahabharata. The Earth and Namek Dragonballs were discovered by various people and were never able to be brought together in this age for a third time. Nemesis appeared once more and captured the android Alaro, stealing four Earth Dragonballs and reprogramming her for his evil ways. The Blackstar Dragonballs were discovered in this age as well, but unlike the two previous sets, were never brought together at all. By the time all had settled and peace returned, the bloodstains and death cries would forever haunt the land as well as the memories of those faced with enduring this literal Hell.